The SurgiStore partners with healthcare facilities nationwide to provide medical devices and supplies at a discounted prices. Our goal is to provide cost savings or cost recovery to any customer that we partner with.

Let us pay you for your unused medical devices:

The SurgiStore purchases overstocked, unused and stagnate inventory. Hospitals often waste money and resources by managing and stocking inventory that is no longer used. We have customers that are using those items that you no longer need. Instead of wasting money on letting them expire, let us purchase them back from you and help put money back towards your bottom line.

Let us save you money on products you already purchase:

We carry products that you're already using! Our pricing saves most of our customers 10-30% less than what they are acquiring the product from the OEM. We also offer single quantity items so you do not have purchase an entire box. 

Where do we source our products:

Our inventory is purchased directly from a healthcare facility, medical device distributor or medical device manufacturer. We want to offer savings to anyone healthcare so our goal is to carry a diverse product segment to accommodate savings to everyone.

Our guarantee:

The SurgiStore has quality control processes that satisfy the parameters necessary under OEM's warranty. We check for recalls, expiration dates and quality of packaging before we ever list a product for sale on our website. We offer a 100% money back guarantee if a product does not meet your expectations.